Everyone wants a bright and white, beautiful smile. This summer, reinvest in the radiance of your smile through two key approaches—regular professional dental hygiene appointments and teeth whitening.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Unfortunately, the fact is your teeth will darken over the years. This discoloration is heavily linked to the types of food and beverages you consume, like coffee, tea, and soda. Other factors that can contribute to tooth discoloration may include childhood medications or illnesses, tobacco use, improper oral hygiene, and just time. Luckily, Dental Care South is here with a variety of options to whiten your teeth and combat the changes in coloration.

Professional Dental Hygiene Appointments

It is very important that you maintain regular appointments with your trusted Tuscaloosa dentist. A regular oral hygiene routine at home is not enough to protect your teeth from bacteria, decay, and discoloration. At a dentist’s office, professionals can take dental hygiene to another level and use specialized equipment to achieve a deeper cleaning. If you would like to have a picture perfect smile this summer, it is vital that you have a professional dental hygiene appointment on a regular basis with your Tuscaloosa dentist.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening services are growing in popularity as modern culture places an emphasis on the aesthetic importance of white teeth. During the summer in particular, more and more people look for that extra umph to take their smiles up a notch. Our Tuscaloosa dentistry offers Zoom Whitening as an effective means for whitening your teeth. The process uses a combination of gel and light to make your teeth whiter. This service will reach any deep stains you have on your teeth and remove discoloration to give you beautiful results and restore you to a whiter, brighter smile.

Enhance Your Smile This Summer

If you want to boost your self-confidence with a more beautiful smile this summer, contact the team at Dental Care South. We would love to set you up with a professional dental hygiene appointment and/or a teeth whitening appointment with our trusted Tuscaloosa dentist and dental team. Don’t wait; together we can help you reach the brighter, whiter smile you’ve always wanted!

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