You may not realize how your smile impacts your life, but it does in many ways. Studies have revealed that smiling elevates your well-being and mood and produces pleasure in your mind. A perfect smile can make you look thinner, younger, and welcoming. Therefore if you avoid smiling because you are embarrassed with your teeth, you probably do yourself a disservice.

Family dentistry in Tuscaloosa can transform your smile by addressing one or more issues that are affecting you. Let us look at the seven best treatments that can handle your teeth issues.

Address Chipped Teeth

Your teeth can chip from habits like chewing on ice, pen caps, fingernails and become brittle as you age. The teeth become susceptible to breakage. Cosmetic dentistry can address the chips in your teeth with cosmetic bonding teeth, a simple and affordable treatment completed in one visit to the dentist’s office.

Close Gaps Between Your Teeth

If you have gapped teeth, an excellent option to close the gaps is orthodontics requiring you to wear braces or aligners. However, if you don’t prefer lengthy treatments, alternatives are also available with dental veneers. Dental veneers are thin porcelain shells explicitly customized for you and placed over your front teeth helping you to close gaps and chips on them. Cosmetic teeth bonding can also address the gaps between your teeth.

Straighten Crooked Teeth

American children have braces to ensure a stretch smile, but most don’t use a nightly retainer to ensure their teeth don’t move back, leaving them with crooked teeth all over again. If you are affected by crooked teeth’ problem, you can comfortably have them straightened using Invisalign clear aligners that are excellent to straighten your teeth discreetly. The braces are removable and customized for your teeth and help you achieve straighter teeth faster than traditional braces.

Treat a Gummy Smile or Gum Disease

Gum treatments are not just for medical reasons and can also improve your aesthetic appearance. Many people have a gummy smile where their gums are on display whenever they talk or smile. Your gums can be re-contoured if you have a gummy smile. Additionally, gum disease affects your overall health besides causing gum recession to create an unattractive smile. It is incredibly essential to seek gum disease treatment because leaving it untreated causes your gums to bleed, pull away from your teeth, and inflame. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults in America and worldwide and causes the bacteria to seep into your bloodstream to lead to tooth loss eventually. Periodontal treatment often reverses the early stages of gum disease.

Replacing Unsightly Metal Fillings

If you have silver or amalgam fillings on your teeth to address tooth decay concerns, you no longer have to endure the same. Currently, you can consider replacing the metal fillings with tooth-colored composite fillings. Your smile changes instantly when this simple cosmetic dentistry procedure. Silver amalgam fillings are usually not visible because they are placed on the molars but can show when speaking or eating. Instead, tooth-colored fillings will appear like your natural teeth because the material used for the assertion is similar to the material used for bonding your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Another popular cosmetic dentistry procedure sought after by many people is teeth whitening to remove discoloration on their teeth. The discoloration develops because of lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking pigmented beverages. Medicines and genetics are also a reason for tooth discoloration.

You may consider buying over-the-counter remedies to whiten your teeth but are likely to disappoint yourself because of the undesirable results. Family dentistry in Tuscaloosa provides you in-office teeth whitening treatments besides giving you at-home teeth whitening trays to maintain the in-office treatment results. The trays are customized for your teeth and are unlikely to cause any sensitivity to the soft tissues in your mouth.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Tooth loss not only affects your oral health but also impacts your overall health. Bone resorption is a common occurrence of tooth loss that makes you look older, besides causing your other teeth to move towards the blank space. You can replace the missing teeth with dental implants, considered the gold standard, and feel like your natural teeth.

Suppose you are affected by any of the conditions mentioned above. In that case, you must schedule an appointment with family dentistry in Tuscaloosa to ensure you improve your smile by using any of the seven options mentioned in this blog.

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