When you’re looking for cosmetic dentistry in Tuscaloosa, Dr. Grant Skalnik and the rest of the staff at Dental Care South are here to provide you with some of the most compassionate and effective dental care around. As your trusted Tuscaloosa dentist, we’re proud to supply a wide array of efficient dental treatments that are sure to help restore any of your damaged or decayed teeth. If your teeth happen to be decaying, we’re happy to offer our tooth-colored fillings treatment, a procedure that uses a high-tech resin or plastic material to fill in any decayed areas in the tooth.


The Benefits of Our Tooth-Colored Fillings

While many dental offices provide options for silver and amalgam fillings as well, we don’t because Dr. Skalnik believes that tooth-colored fillings are the safest and most effective choice for his patients. Some of the reasons why our tooth-colored fillings are an improvement over other fillings include the following:

  • Aesthetics – Perhaps the most important part of tooth-colored fillings is that they blend into the natural color of your teeth. They’re far less noticeable than their silver and amalgam counterparts, leading to the appearance of a more natural smile.
  • Strength – Tooth-colored resin composite fillings actually bond to a patient’s teeth far better than silver or amalgam. The resin composite is actually able to restore the affected tooth’s strength up to 90 percent, which is stronger than traditional metal fillings.
  • Health – Amalgam has had health concerns dating back to the past 20 or so years over how much mercury is used to make the filling. This is problematic because mercury is poisonous. The resin composite fillings don’t contain this mercury.
  • Simplicity – Resin composite fillings are simpler to work with and easier to replace. They also require less of the natural tooth to be removed.

If you happen to already have silver or amalgam fillings, Dr. Skalnik is more than happy to take a look at them and replace them with tooth-colored fillings if you would be interested.

The Process

The Filling Process

An appointment with us to get a filling will generally follow this process:

  • First, we’ll get the tooth (or teeth) numb.
  • After the anesthetic kicks in, we’ll place an isolation device in your mouth.
  • The cavity will then be removed from the tooth and the shape of the tooth will be changed in preparation for the filling material.
  • A plastic or metal band may be placed to hold the shape of the tooth during the placement of the filling material.
  • The tooth will be prepared with a series of chemicals that bond the tooth-colored filling material to the tooth.
  • The tooth will then be filled and the material will be hardened using a special ultraviolet curing light.
  • After the filling has hardened, the filling will be shaped, your bite will be checked, and the filling will be polished.

While tooth-colored fillings will have a lifespan, the reason that they normally have to be replaced is because of a problem with the tooth surrounding it – not with the filling itself. Because of that, it’s vital to practice great oral hygiene so that you can extend the life of your fillings.

Dental Care South

How We Replace Silver/Amalgam Fillings

Due to the fact that tooth-colored fillings pose so many benefits and are preferable to silver or amalgam fillings, Dr. Skalnik recommends replacing these. We are committed to finding the best way to eliminate these old, unsightly fillings – whether you’re looking to replace them one at a time, or all at once, Dr. Skalnik will work with you to determine the best solution. If you are considering replacing your fillings in stages, Dr. Skalnik recommends starting with large amalgams first, as these are typically the most noticeable and inefficient, often leading to hidden decay and tooth cracks.

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