At Dental Care South, we aim to be your choice when you’re looking for a dentist in Tuscaloosa, AL. Our mission is to provide all of our patients with the utmost in dental care so they can achieve confidence through their smile. We accomplish this by supplying a variety of treatments, ranging from cosmetic to general dentistry. Dental implants are one of these treatments that we offer in order to perfect a patient’s smile, but as a standalone procedure, they are incredibly effective. Here are just a few of the reasons why a patient would benefit from receiving dental implants:

They’re Just Like Natural Teeth

Dental implants don’t just look and feel like natural teeth, but they function like them as well. They’re stable and you won’t have to worry about them any more than your natural teeth. Whether you’re eating, speaking, or doing anything else, your dental implants will work and hold up in the same way as any of your other teeth.

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You Can Eat Whatever You Like

With dental implants, you’re not limited in what you eat. Since your bite isn’t hampered and the implants are secure, you can eat the same foods you did beforehand. Dentures may slip or cause discomfort, but dental implants avoid those problems.

They Protect Your Jawbone

If you lose a tooth and have an empty space in your mouth, this can cause problems for your jawbone. When your jawbone isn’t used to support a tooth, your jawbone can deteriorate. Dental implants are actually the only restorative option that will preserve your jawbone and help stimulate bone growth.

They Protect Your Teeth

If you replace a missing tooth with a bridge, this can cause damage to your nearby teeth. A bridge has to be supported by the teeth next to it; this means that it will gradually grind away at those teeth over time. A dental implant is attached to the jawbone, guaranteeing that it won’t harm the teeth next to it.

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Dental Implants Are Built to Last

Other treatments such as dentures or dental bridges may only last for a period of years. Those treatments will eventually need to be replaced. Dental implants, however, are known for their reliability and will last for a lifetime with proper care and maintenance!

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