Dental bridges are vital dental restorations for your missing teeth. If your dental structure is severely damaged by decay or tooth loss, teeth bridges can restore your dental structure and restore your appealing smile. The remaining natural teeth serve as anchors, and the gap is filled with false teeth. The prosthetics blend with your natural tooth and restore your dental aesthetics. Your dentist evaluates your anchor teeth to determine whether they are strong enough in supporting the dental applications. Ideal alternatives like fixed partial denture are used if teeth bridges aren’t viable for you.

What’s a Teeth Bridges?

Teeth bridges refer to false teeth affixed to missing teeth sections with an abutment. They are vital in restoring your missing teeth and restoring your dental aesthetics. The prosthetics are made from naturally-looking material that aesthetically blends your teeth to provide you with an appealing smile.

There are several types of teeth bridges, including:

  • Implant-supported
  • Cantilever
  • Maryland
  • Traditional

Cantilever Bridges

They are similar to traditional bridges but are held by a dental crown cemented to an abutment tooth. You require one natural tooth adjacent to the missing tooth for you to be an ideal candidate for a cantilever bridge.

Traditional Teeth Bridges

Traditional teeth bridges involve false teeth held by dental crowns on each abutment tooth. They are used when you have natural teeth on both sides of your missing teeth sections.

Maryland Teeth Bridges

They comprise of two natural abutment teeth, on each side of your gaps by missing teeth. A metallic or porcelain framework is bonded on your abutment teeth. Like traditional teeth bridges, Maryland teeth bridges are applicable when you have natural teeth adjacent to missing teeth gaps.

Implant-Supported Teeth Bridges

The teeth bridges involve dental implants that are surgically placed on your missing teeth sections. Teeth bridges are held in position by dental implants. They provide you with a robust and durable treatment option for your missing teeth. Partial dentures for front teeth are also a choice to implant-supported bridges.

Teeth bridges are applied to address your dental flaws based on your condition.  Your dentist can determine the ideal treatment option for you and recommend you to have fixed partial dentures.

Why You Need a Teeth Bridges

Tooth loss can lead to further dental complications, including bone deterioration. Teeth bridges are beneficial in the following ways:

  • Restoring your facial outlook
  • Re-adjusting your bites properly when chewing
  • Revamping your smile appearance
  • Enabling you to regain your tooth functionalities
  • Preventing your adjacent teeth from shifting to the spaces left by missing teeth
  • Restoring your speech capabilities

What You Should Expect

The placement of bridges depends on the type that your specialist selects for you.  For traditional bridges, your tooth is prepared on either side of the missing tooth. Decayed tooth portions are removed, and impressions of your tooth are captured to ensure your tooth bridge is fitting. Before having a fixed bridge, your specialist will use a temporary bridge to protect your tooth. The temporary bridges are removed, and a fixed bridge is attached using adhesives. Your specialist can recommend you to have partial dentures for your front teeth.

If you need an implant to support a bridge, surgery is done, and impressions of your mouth are taken to create a perfectly fitting bridge seamlessly. Your dental appointments for having a tooth bridge involve:

  • Assessment using X-rays to check on your dental condition
  • Preparation of your affected teeth
  • Checking whether your dental bridge fits and dental aesthetics are as desired.

Taking Care of Teeth Bridges

Your teeth bridges can serve you for a prolonged time if they are well preserved. Some of the tips you should embrace include:

  • Floss and brush regularly to prevent decay around your tooth bridge
  • Regularly brush to avoid gum disease, which may affect your dental work.
  • Schedule periodic visits to your dentist for dental exams
  • Undergo professional cleaning to remove plaque or tartar

Missing or decayed teeth can affect your dental aesthetics and limit some of your tooth functionalities. Teeth bridges are a viable treatment option in restoring your normal bite and appealing smile. It’s crucial to discuss your dental prosthetics with our specialist at Dental Care South before undergoing treatment. You need to consider having teeth bridges if your injury or tooth decay is extensive. They are ideal for your missing teeth. Please make an appointment with our dentist today and find personalized treatment.

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