Everyone needs to have access to an affordable dental clinic. Some dental procedures, especially those involving surgeries or sedation treatment, can be costly. If you are continually checking in to a dental office, you might need to consider a dental membership plan at Dental Care South.

Plans are advantageous in many ways. Instead of paying independently for every scheduled appointment, the plan helps you spread your dental care costs. This means in the long run, you end up paying even less. Even better are the family membership plans that cover your whole family.

When in a particular dental membership plan, you also enjoy the many benefits of professional advice. These are for your present and future dental needs. Some plans also interest-free for more invasive dental procedures like dental implants, porcelain veneer treatment, and orthodontics.

How Do Membership Programs Work

Membership plans use a simple basic concept. Patients are signed to the particular plans offered by the practice.

The preference of each patient determines fee payments. One can choose to pay for their plan monthly or annually. In exchange for the plans’ fees, patients get services like dental exams and cleanings, orthodontic services, and other procedures at discounts.

If your office accepts insurance, it means they take massive PPO hits of up to 42% discounts on each contract. This means that the practice only benefits from the procedures billed out, depending on what the insurance company deems fair.

Affordable dental clinics, therefore, have to structure their memberships at about 10% to 20%. This sounds better than paying for and using dental insurance. It makes it easier for you to visit a particular practice for regular dental care. The point here is providing a need at a value the members appreciate.

If you have already paid for a plan on cleanings and periodontal diseases, it means that all dental cleanings and exams you schedule come with discounts. You will also be less likely to cancel an appointment if you know it’s already paid for.

Canceled appointments are also more likely to be rescheduled because, again, the patient has paid for it. Affordable membership plans are, therefore, a considerable benefit that solves many problems in the dental industry.

So, what are the benefits of having a membership plan?

Benefits of a Dental Care Plan

If you are sitting on the fence about purchasing a dental membership plan, here are three reasons to sway your decision.

  • Affordable Dental Membership Plans Promote More Frequent Dental Visits

Research shows that many people avoid seeing a dentist due to the high treatment costs, not the service. While the costs of our dental services are relatively affordable, dropping a few big bills for some procedures is not always on the agenda.

With a membership plan, your dental care plan gets so cheap. Instead of charging a large fee per visit, we charge a small monthly fee. Some dental care plans also offer discounts on various treatments. For instance, subscribing to some plans gets you a 10% off every dental treatment.

This way, you will be motivated to visit the dental office more frequently, as advised. More visits mean more dental checkups hence fewer problems, and the happier you become. The best thing is that you won’t always have to prepare mentally and financially.

  • Dental Care plans come with Faster Treatment

You will get to see our affordable dentist faster than the standard visitor if you have a dental care plan. This also applies to emergency treatments. There is a lot of waiting involved when making dental appointments.

With a dental care plan, you get almost instant treatment, without the hassles possibly experienced. No one wants to wait for hours in line with sharp pains in their tooth or with a knocked-out tooth.

  • You refocus better on preventative care when you have a membership plan

Prevention is better than cure. Normally, not many people engage in preventative dental care. They instead wait till disaster strikes, so they get to a dentist to repair the damage.

With a dental care plan, you can refocus and pursue preventative care without worrying about its costs. Besides, you will be given priority at our office with your preferred dentist, plus the inclusive coverage you want. There’s no reason you shouldn’t get a dental membership plan today.

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